About Us

Hi! Welcome to Sunshine Boxing blog. I’m Tiffany Melgar, an ordinary 30-something girl with an extraordinary love for boxing.

My love affair with boxing started about 6 years ago when a gym buddy introduced me to the benefits of boxing. At that time, I was into yoga, jogging, and aerobic exercises in the gym—but I was starting to get frustrated with the results. But when I made boxing a regular part of my workout routines, I started to see a big difference—I lost weight faster, I was less stressed, and overall, I felt better about myself.

I’m no expert in boxing—and I have no plans of being one. But I’m passionate about it, so much so that early this year, I decided to create a fitness blog that focuses on boxing for women. Boxing for me is an effective method to get in shape and improve the quality of your life.

This fitness blog is meant to promote boxing to women. It’s a male-dominated sport, but I do believe that women can also roll with the punches. Women are resilient, and that’s what makes boxing also an ideal sport for us ladies.

You don’t have to be a Laila Ali or a Ronda Rousey to be really good at boxing. With this blog, let me help you on your fitness journey through boxing.

Got any questions for me? You can contact me via info@sunshineboxing.net. Looking forward to receiving your message!