5 Boxing Tips Every Beginner Must Know to Avoid Injuries

Boxing is a great way to step up your fitness game if you’ve been doing yoga and jogging for a long time and want to get better results. Especially if you’re a first-timer, you don’t just wear your gloves and get into the ring without any preparation.

Ensure that your first ever boxing workout session is safe and enjoyable by taking heed of these tips:

1. Get your gear ready

The essential gear for a boxing beginner includes training gloves, hand wraps, and shorts. Make sure that they’re comfortable to you and made of quality materials to protect yourself while training. When you move to a higher level of training, you’ll need to add fighting gloves, headgear, boxing boots, and mouth guards to your gym bag.

2. Don’t train when you’re injured

Boxing can strain your wrists, back, and hips, so avoid training when you have an injury. Consult your doctor when you can come back to boxing after an injury.

3. Cool down and rest between training workouts

Make sure that you have a recovery period after each training workout. Cool down by doing body weight workouts such as crunches and push-ups and then take a rest before you move on to the next boxing workout.

4. Master the boxing techniques

Listen and follow your boxing trainer to make the most out of your workouts and prevent injuries. Teaching yourself also works—learn the basic stance, positioning of the arms, hands, and elbows, and weight distribution.

5. Eat lots of protein and carbs

When you box, you use up a lot of energy. Replenish it by eating food that’s rich in proteins and carbohydrates. And because boxing causes you to sweat buckets, you’ll need to drink lots of fluids to replenish the lost electrolytes.

Ready to roll with the punches in the ring now? Just make sure to keep these five tips in mind before you go to the gym.

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