How to Prevent Roof Damage in Your Boxing Gym: Maintenance Tips for Gym Owners

Early this year, a gym in the Czech Republic had its roof collapsing while a game was being held. While no one was hurt or injured during the incident, it’s still a horrible scene that any gym owner should prevent in their own facilities.

Here are the things you need to check for when doing a roof inspection of your gym:

  • Rust or corrosion – Take a close look at the metal parts of the roof. Is there any rust that needs to be brushed, primed, and painted?
  • Branches hanging over the roof – Branches may look harmless but they can be destructive as well. They can hit the roof hard during storms, and they’re ideal places for raccoons and squirrels. So trim them as soon as you see some.
  • Algae or fungus – Is the roof of your gym starting to have algae or moss? If that’s the case, you’ll need to install lead or zinc control strips.
  • Excess debris – Leaves, sticks, and other debris on your roof can cause algae growth and the eventual clogging of the gutters. Debris can also damage the shingles, so you need to blow them off or sweep them.
  • Damaged or missing shingles – Any signs of shingle damage must be dealt with right away. Replace any damaged or missing shingles rather than ignore the situation and spend more money hiring a professional to do it for you.
  • Snow build-up – If left unattended, accumulated snow on your roof may cause it to collapse. This can be remedied simply by raking off the snow from the roof.

If you run or operate a boxing gym, make sure that you include roof maintenance in your regular maintenance tasks. Otherwise, it may not only cause damage to your gym but also endanger the lives of the people who work out in the gym. For more Roofing advice visit this website

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