Boxing Tutorials for Women

Want to learn boxing on your own? Thankfully, a lot of videos and other tutorials are available online for women who will be going on a boxing workout for the first time.

Listed here are some of the most recommended boxing tutorials:

Home Boxing Workout

This is a great tutorial that offers various boxing routines that can be done at home for weight loss and muscle toning. It comes with photos and videos to illustrate the instructions for each routine.

Boxing Basics

A 45-minute video that shows the basics of boxing, this tutorial is created by Dulcinea Lee Hellings, a trainer of Hollywood celebrities. New videos are uploaded on her YouTube channel every week, each showing intense workouts that are sure to burn lots of calories and fats.

15-Minute Boxing Workout You Can Do at Home

For busy women who barely have time to go to the gym, boxing at home is a perfect alternative. This 15-minute video tutorial teaches you how to have a good boxing workout without having to use or bring bag and gloves.

Basic Boxing Guide

A simple guide for beginners, this boxing guide by trainer Tiffanee Cook shows the basic stance and punches that a female beginner needs to learn in order to start her boxing workout.

Boxing for Fat Loss and Sexy Arms

If you want to include boxing in your fitness routine for weight loss and slimmer arms, then this video tutorial is worth watching. It demonstrates the right way to do boxing and maximize its effect for your weight loss goals.